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About us Dedicated dog owners are well aware of the importance of adequate coat-care. It makes their pet feel well and look beautiful. But depending on the type and length of coat, this often needs much effort. Breeds with long coat tend to have tangles and mats, which makes brushing a long and unpleasant procedure for the dog. FurWonder®, our new electric dog brush, professionally supports your coat care while reducing the brushing time effectively. FurWonder® removes even strong tangles. For our Tibet Terriers, which have long hair and very dense undercoat, we were looking for a functional brush to make their coat care as pleasant and easy as possible. As we were not satisfied with the available offering, we were inspired to create exactly what we needed. Together with experienced engineers we developed an electric dog brush which enormously reduces the brushing effort while leaving the coat perfectly detangled, silky and shiny. In order to ensure great results, we worked together with selected groomers and dog-owners right from the start and tested the brush with them. The outcome is a brush with variable brush cartridges, which are perfectly suitable for various use cases and coat-types. Even for long-coated dog breeds which need very intensive care, such as Afghanes, Bobtails, Tibet-Terriers, Collies, Australian Shepherds, Samojedes, Havanese or Poodles, the result is fantastic and the brushing time is reduced by up to 70%. No wonder that our dogs love our FurWonder®! It makes brushing a lot more comfortable for them and saves so much time which they can spend with playing or taking a walk. FurWonder® is easy to use, which makes it ideal for your pet care at home. The results are amazing. And best of all, it is suitable for every breed. See how easy FurWonder® works, you will love it! Impressum