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Experience reports Here is the great customer feedback we received on our FurWonder electric dog brush: Ute R./ Kaltenkirchen I received the brush today and what shall I say, I'm absolutely enthusiastic about it. It's the best new product, since the electric bulb was invented. My large poodles can be extremely happy. Alexandra H./ Tegernsee The new electric dog brush is not heavy at all. The turnable grip makes it very handy to work with. It is amazing to see how much the brushing time is reduced. The coat is extremely fluffy. My 'Donna' loves it. What a great invention! Rosemarie K./ Calpe The electric brush FurWonder lives up to its promise. Our dog is extremely relaxed and enjoys brushing. First, I had to get used to it. But very quickly I learned to work in this new brushing mode. Cleaning the brush is also very easy. Konstantin G. / Stuttgart DE We attended a FurWonder demontration last week. It is incredible, how easy it makes brushing. We tested it on our Bearded Collie. And the  colours of the brush are really cool. We ordered the FurWonder in mint right away. Eva K./ Ostrach Our Tibetan is always a challenge when it comes to coat care. But using the FurWonder has made it really effective, as you see great results immediately. The long coat is extremely fluffy, silky and shiny. The brush perfectly works through the undercoat and even removes extreme mats. Gisela / Waiblingen Our Havanese Tiffany tends to get tangles, but thanks to the new FurWonder we were able to remove all mats without difficulty. It's a different kind of brushing, but you get used to it very quickly. The device is extremely light-weight and practical to work with. Herbert F./ Hemer My poodle needed coat care every day. But thanks to the new FurWonder brushing ony twice a week is sufficient now. That's really great! Impressum