Elektrische Fellbürste FurWonder
FurWonder can be chosen from three trendy colors, which make fur care a real pleasure (orange, pink or mint) The basic package contains: Electric dog brush, Brush cartridge with wire bristles (Soft/Intensive or Medium), Plug power adapter, Aspirator adapter, Cleaning comb and Carrier box with handle And this is how FurWonder works: FurWonder is an electric dog brush which was designed for brushing and freeing the coat from tangles and mats. It consists of a basic device with electric drive and a brush cartridge. The cartridge can easily be changed for various care purposes and coat types. For example, you can give a relaxing massage to your dog if you order the additional massage cartridge with nylon bristles. The Brushing intensity and velocity are regulated via an adjusting wheel on the handle. A safety mechanism will shut off the engine in case of any problems. Dead hair and dirt can easily be removed with the included cleaning comb or by adapting a household vacuum cleaner to the brush. Cartridges There are cartridges with wire bristles and with nylon bristles available. Wire bristles They are ideal for brushing and de-matting of long coat or under-coat. This cartridge is included in the FurWonder basic package. Suitable for Afghane, Tibet Lhasa, Tibet Apso, West Highland, Terrier, Shih Tzu, Havaneser, Malteser, Yorkshire, Collies, Briard, Old Engl. Sheepdog, Samojede, Husky, Schäferhund, Spitz, Bernhardiner, Golden Retriever, Airdale Terrier, Poodle, … 2 Types of wire bristle cartridges are available Soft/ Intensive: Depending on how entangled the coat is, this cartridge can be operated in a Soft (S) - or Intensive (I) mode. We recommend in the beginning to use the Soft mode. Afterwards remaining persistent tangles can be treated in the Intensive mode. Medium: This cartridge can be operated in one mode (Medium) only. The intensity is between previous Soft and Intensive. It is a very good all-round brush. Nylon bristles This cartridge is ideal for combing, brushing out dirt or dust particles or massaging. Especially suitable for brushing coat without mats, short-coated breeds such as Jack Russel Terrier or Beagles, or to get puppys used to the electric brush Hose set with adapter (accessories) Flexible extension hose for the vacuum cleaner approx. 2,5 m length with multi-adapter to attach to vacuum cleaner pipe with 32, 34, 36 or 44 mm outer diameter. Product © 2017 Petyphoria About us Contact Data protection