Elektrische Fellbürste FurWonder Tibetan Terrier in action
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Welcome to Petyphoria,  as a dedicated dog owner you are well aware of the importance of adequate care for your pet's coat. Every week you are spending many hours brushing your dog in order to make sure it is good-looking and feels well. But especially owners of breeds with long coats know how quickly these tend to entangle. Often, only a radical haircut is the last remedy. Thanks to FurWonder, the new electric dog brush, this will no longer be necessary. It was developed in order to support the coat care professionally, while reducing your care time effort enormously. FurWonder removes even strong tangles. Therefore also breeds with challenging coats such as Afghanes, Bobtails, Australian Sheperds, Tibetan Terriers, Collies,  Havanese, Samojede and many more will obtain the most beautiful silky and fluffy coat you have been dreaming of. FurWonder is easy to use, which makes it ideal for your pet care at home. And best of all, it is suitable for most breeds. See how easy FurWonder works, you will love it! Impressum