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Questions & answers Is the electric dog brush safe?  Yes - as long as you follow our recommendations, the electric brush is absolutely safe. Our instructions for use are included in the scope of delivery. Furthermore you will find additional useful tips in order to reach a perfect result with the brush. Can the brush be adapted to a vacuum cleaner? Yes, depending on the use case, Furwonder® can be used with or without a vacuum cleaner. If your dog is losing a lot of hair (e.g. in spring), we recommend to adapt a vacuum-cleaner. For brushing or detangling only, you may prefer to use the brush without a vacuum-cleaner. Which other types of brush cartridges are available? At present 2 (different) types with wire bristles and one with nylon bristles are available. More types of cartridges for additional use cases are under development. How long is the warranty time? Warranty time is 2 years. Might the brush harm the dog's skin? In case of appropriate use there is no risk at all to harm the skin. We are not aware of any single case where the dog's skin was affected. For which dog breeds is the electric brush suitable? It is suitable for all kinds of dog breeds. The brush cartridge with wire-bristles is perfect for breeds with middle long and long coat with undercoat. The results are amazing, the coat is beautifully groomed and full of volume. Is it also possible to comb or massage the coat? Yes, the brush-cartridge with nylon bristles combs and gives a relaxing massage to your dog. Impressum